September 30, 2009

Telling myself I could be strong or some such brave bullshit

I am in love with this song. In. Love. It's absolutely beautiful. And I'm thrilled that Jolie Holland makes an appearance on this album.

(The whole album, is in fact, awesome.)

Lay down my head by the wayside
My worn out shoes
Quite why she went I can’t decide
Yeah but I sure could use
One plate of food steaming and hot
Clean linen ironed
On a fresh made bed but I ain’t got
One salty dime,one salty dime
One salty dime
Just close your eyes it won’t take long
It won’t hurt a bit
Telling myself I could be strong
Or some such brave bullshit
Trucks are roaring by I’m a red ghost
In their tail light gleam
I’m a tumbleweed,I’m a spit roast
Just turning in your flame
Oh my darlin’ Kathleen
Cars they sound like waves that are breaking
On some distant shore
I gazed so long into the great aching sky
It seemed that I,I wasn’t here no more
That my rushing blood was a river
My eyes two stars
My blowing hair all a quiver
A whispering field of grass
That murmurs as you pass
Oh my darlin’ Kathleen
That whispers out your name
Oh my darlin’ Kathleen
Oh my darlin’ Kathleen

—David Gray / Kathleen