April 30, 2007

Because . . .

it's Monday:



"I like my sausage straight." - GMum

I had a fantastic weekend. Just great. My GMummy rocks. Case and point: "I like my sausage straight."

Yeah, that's right.

(And holy crap: Zorn and the boys were brilliant Saturday night. There's nothing quite like a small jam-packed room bursting with old-time music — mmmmmm, boys with string instruments . . . )

April 26, 2007

The British are coming! The British are coming!

Big plans this weekend. Big.

Mum is coming into town tonight thru Sunday. I’m to be surrounded by Brits and Scots! My godmother (whom I never actually remember meeting) is my Mum’s old boarding school BFF and she’s coming into town for the weekend with her Scottish lad of a boyfriend, for her birthday. So, of course, my Mum is also bringing it to the city.

I plan on giving my godmother a piece of my mind for her birthday. I’m pretty sure she’s the one responsible for the fact that I’m now a recovering catholic. Just saying, if you’re given a job . . .

Of course, the only time I talked to her over the phone I told her to “fook off” and she told me to take a flying somethingorother, so I’m pretty sure we’re going to get along just fine. I heart crazy Brits.

She also has a book coming out. You should buy it: Mother’s Ruin.

Zorn will also be in town this weekend:

Saturday the 28th in Brooklyn:

E-Ting Habit, at Barbes in Brooklyn 10PM

E-TING HABIT. Banjo player Richie Stearns is probably best known for his band The Horseflies, a seminal group known to mix up traditional stringband music with modernist touches. He's visiting us and has put together a group of like-minded friends. They will be playing high energy funky old-time music. With Richie Stearns- banjo, Jason Zorn- guitar, Joe Bass- bass, and Steve Selin and Nat Rowan on fiddles.

More than likely to be a better time than a punch in the face. I hope to be there myself, Brit and Scots in tow, as my Mum also likes the old-time music (ain’t she cool?) and I like the idea of her in a crowded bar.

April 24, 2007

Patsy Cline said it best.

There was a sign posted in the entryway of my apartment building about some chick getting mugged at knifepoint in the building right next to mine, this past weekend. She was OK. Her credit cards were taken. The sign was a warning to be careful and attentive of your surroundings when entering the building. Scary stuff.

Yet . . . when my sister was mugged a couple of years ago in our old building, I got a date with a cop out of it. So, really, mugging ain’t all bad, right? Am I right?!

Yup, I’m this much of an ass most of the time.

I best be careful when walking into my apartment building tonight because I’ll be carrying a box with these inside:

I needed rain boots and these were so retarded, I had to have them. I can’t let the muggers get them. Must protect with life.

The other four pairs of shoes I ordered online arrived sometime last week and I definitely lined them up in front of me and told them “I love you all!”

I need help.

In other news, I can barely pay my bills this month. But hey, at least my feet will look fabulous when I declare bankruptcy.

April 23, 2007


Totally digging these new CD purchases (a few oldies, but newbies to me):

Amos Lee - Amos Lee (As if Supply and Demand isn't fantastic enough, he had to begin with this self-title shizat.)

Citizen Cope - The Clarence Greenwood Recordings (I heard Sideways before a friend's gig the other week and immediately ordered the album when I got home. Amazing song. Great album.)

Timbaland - Timbaland Presents: Shock Value (You just can't help bobbing your head, yo.)

Ray LaMontagne - Trouble (I finally just bought the friggin' album.)

So much love, so little time.

My taxi ride last night was enlightening . . . as they should be. I sat in the back, the window rolled all the way down, taking in how amazing this city is, and I realized how good I have it.

I just spent a weekend in Virginia. I spent time with my Mum, I spent time with my lovely friend Farrah and her cute-as-can-be tot, I saw my tall-as-can-be sister. I love Virginia. I love the people I have there. It smells good there. It smells like growing up.

I’m always struck by how much I love this city, too. I see the skyline from the train and I’m still amazed that this is home. I’m honored by it. I love that I’ve found such comfort here. I've found important people here. I've found my (space) self here.

There are things I want. There are things I wish I had. There are financial messes I need to get out of. There are shopping habits I need to get counseling for (major counseling). There’s that new job I need to find. There are 10 pounds I’d love to lose . . . but then there’s my family. And my friends. And my health. And the warm weather. And new people to meet . . .

Pessimism Shmessimism.

Good God, I sound like a fruitcake.

April 18, 2007


Feeling rather unfocused.
Thought I'd share some links.
And a song-o. (Be Good Tanyas cover it on their Hello Love album.) It fits my mood.

April 16 Memorial Website

Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund

A Thousand Tiny Pieces
(Sean Hayes)

Just play this one out until it explodes into a thousand tiny pieces
What's your story, universe, you are melody in numbers
You are shapes, you are rhythms, there are signs that we can learn
To place over the heavens, to predict how long we'll burn
How long will I last, can I turn up the heat?
What star am I circling, what's circling me?
Now my ebb and my flow, my lack of control,
Turning on, turning off
Saying yes, but playing no.

Things keep changing
Things keep changing
Things keep changing

Just play this one out until it explodes into a thousand tiny pieces,
What's your story, universe, you are melody in numbers
You are shapes, you are rhythms, there are signs that we can learn,
To place over the heavens, to predict how long we'll burn
How long will I last, can I turn up the heat?
What star am I circling, what's circling me?
Now my ebb and my flow, my lack of control,
Turning on, turning off

April 13, 2007


Handwriting analysis. (This guy's a tool. *hardy har*)

April 12, 2007

SO much to say, so little time . . .

I spent $270 on shoes this morning. Within 10 minutes. Fucking. A.

But they’re beautiful looking shoes. Of course, I won’t be POSITIVE of their glory until they arrive (in 4-7 business days).

I have a serious problem. I just cleared off that credit card. (Dammit.)

In other news, this weather is super-great. My pants were completely soaked from the ass down this morning for a good hour. (I’m still wearing my pee pants! –Anyone? Anyone?) After a lot of complaining and borrowing of a co-worker’s space heater, all was as it should be — dry ass and all. The soggy mood did contribute to $300 worth of online shopping BUT we were moving on . . .

Random thoughts (I spit on transitions.):

1. Banc Cafe (30th and 3rd, I believe) has amazing Pomegranate martinis. (And a variety of mens of the suit persuasion, Kath. Shall we wingman it there? Although, do we really want a suit? Am I right? Is anyone still reading this crap?) Had a few of them (martinis, not mens) last night while discussing too many issues to count. I love that I don’t need to invest in a therapist as my friends and I all act as each other’s.

2. Heading to Boston this weekend to see Teri’s band play. I’ve never been to Boston. I plan to rip shit up. (Of course, I'm mostly just going to see the inside of a bar but that does sound like an amazing weekend in my book.)

3. Have discovered that I analyze everything to a pulp. Shocker. Yet, it’s so highly amusing.

4. Holy Parentheses, Batman.

April 11, 2007

not your typical author web site

Creativity abounds today:

Love this.

(update) This chick is awesome: Miranda July

this chick = effing creative

Another blogger with a book deal.
But this one's worth a gander (A glimpse. Not a male goose.): INDEXED

April 5, 2007


So, Kates (younger sister -- mind you, only a year and a half younger) and I are emailing today and I ask her if she's going to Mum and Dad's for Easter . . . this is her reply:

Yeah I’m going to mom and dad’s. mom started talking about how she bought these little chicken things to eat this year and I was like woah woah woah. And she goes, AND I still got ham and pineapple cuz I knew you’d be upset. So whatever. Now I have to have my ham and pineapple share space on my plate with some foreign chicken object. Puh-lease.

I totally know how she feels.

Cris: Is your Mum making chocolate bird nests again this year?