September 28, 2007

Watch. Out.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): You will soon be dealing with a challenge you have faced before: how to synchronize your two major archetypes, the lover and the warrior. As always, it will be a daunting task. You will be asked to cultivate the tender, considerate instincts of the lover within you while simultaneously feeding the fiery discipline of your inner warrior. I know you can do it, Scorpio—even if it seems impossible from where you're standing right now. —Village Voice, Rob Brezsny


Last night I went to see The Wailin’ Jennys concert, downtown at Joe’s Pub (awesome space, by the way). They were fantastic – their music is just so pure and beautiful. The girls seemed completely at ease and natural.

Harumph . . . I want to play the fiddle and sing without ruining someone’s life.

Seriously though, next time they’re in town: all of you are coming with me. I want everyone to experience them live. Really, really, really good.

I ended the night by coming home and seeing the explosion in my email regarding Facebook. Good God, people. I finally relented and joined this virtual community about 4 hours previously. The whole thing is pretty overwhelming to me. I spent a good half hour quizzing Gabe about Fbook and why he was asking me to become a Vampire. I don’t want to be a Vampire.

I’ve already been “friended” by a girl from high school who I haven’t spoken to AT ALL since . . . well, high school. And I’m pretty sure we weren’t much more than acquaintances then. Very, very strange. I’m not sure how I feel about a lot of people from my past (many of whom I’d rather choose to forget) getting in touch with me . . . if only virtually. (This said, hurry up and sign up Cris.)

How is it that so much of the work I do deals with a computer and the Internet YET I feel so very far behind in the digital age (and in every other aspect of my life, it seems)? Am I that antiquated? Is it strange that I still love buying CDs and going through the liner notes? Is it strange that I really miss non-digital cameras and the excitement of opening up a pack of “I have no idea what’s on this roll” photos? Is it odd that I miss answering machines and people not able to get in touch with me during the day?

I think I need serious help.

But, we already knew that.

September 27, 2007


I got all teary watching bits of his lecture, when he was featured on Good Morning America. I haven't had the chance to watch the complete lecture yet. I'm going to have a hanky nearby, that's for damn sure.

Kath: thanks for sending the links!

This guy puts it in perspective.

Randy Pausch's Web Site

September 25, 2007



Rudolph Not Returning to 'SNL'

Kristen Wiig better not go anywhere. I'm not sure who saw Knocked Up out there (which was quite good) but Kristen definitely made me laugh the hardest. She rocks. Big time rockage.



Thank friggin' God.

September 18, 2007

Elizabeth - The Golden Age

I can not WAIT to see this!! I love Cate Blanchett! I love Clive Owen! I love Elizabeth!! I love Cake! I need help!

Elizabeth - The Golden Age (trailer)


Amazing. Just amazing. LOVE HER.

Little Irish Girl Prank Calls

Nike Football - Leave Nothing

Note to self: Buy Last of the Mohicans soundtrack on CD -- not sure where cassette went.

Yay, Redskins! Lovely job last night Mr. Campbell . . .

Campbell's talent, poise winning over teammates

Seriously, he did pretty damn well. I was quite impressed. Now, if I could only watch every Redskins game up here in NY. Of course . . . would have been nice to catch more of the first half YET I was at work until 9. And I'm back at work. I honestly feel like I never left.

AND meeting time . . . let's go out there and get some covers approved! Whoop whoop!

September 17, 2007

pretty funny

Ryan Seacrest = tool
Rainn Wilson = untool
Kanye West = tool . . . but wasn't quite the ass he normally is.

September 14, 2007

You little imp, you.

Will be emptying self at midnight.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): The experiment I'm proposing is something you should try only if you're feeling adventurous. Don't do it if you're in a timid or self-pitying mood. Here it is: Empty yourself out completely, and do it gladly. With impish daring, lower your expectations all the way down to zero. Surrender every remnant of hope you might be tempted to cling to. With a jaunty nonchalance, pretend you have nothing to lose. And then open an enormous welcome in your heart for the messy, unpredictable sweetness of life exactly as it is. Say yes to the beauty of ambiguity and paradox. Free yourself to accept every person and every situation on its own terms. If you try what I've suggested, I bet you will be united with a potent blessing you didn't even know you needed. —Village Voice, Rob Brezsny

You've gone stolen my heart again, Rob.

September 13, 2007

Little Girl.


I want to squeeze Fiddy's cheeks.

Keep watching until you see Al Michaels rendition of Fiddy's In Da Club. Amazing.

(HAHAHAHA . . . Fiddy.)

Be my volunteer.

Not. Embarrassing. Pretty Amusing.


Don't pay no mind to it
Oh let it blow
Break you up inside
If you don't let it go
Jeez what are you like honey
I don't know

Recommended by my bank
And everybody in the tank
First of all I'd like to thank

This might take while honey
Hey don't blink
Missing by a mile now we're
Here on the brink
Not a day goes by honey
I don't think

I could be your volunteer
We'll make the whole thing disappear
Saddle up we're outta here
You could be my olive branch
Lift me up above the stench
Walk me through the avalanche

Honey won't you be my flood
Nothing ever comes out good
Trouble in the neighbourhood
Conversations gone askew
And how do you make it feel like new
Kookaburra kangaroo
Will you won't you be my leach
Take it all and when I screech
Leave it there just outta reach
Take me to that burning bush
Give me something that I can't crush
Lead me out into the hush

So far behind
So far behind
So far behind
So far behind
So far behind

Kangaroo, David Gray

Um, no.

How older siblings stunt growth

Oh yeah? Then explain how I'm a few inches taller than my older sister and my younger sister is a small giant.

My Mum sent my sisters and I this article. And now she thinks her womb is magic.

September 12, 2007

You say, be still my love.

I realized something this week . . . I’m not a glass half-full type of person. I’m never going to be a glass half-full type of person. The glass is always going to be almost empty. I’m always looking to fill that sucker up. Right? Right. Cram it in, as they say.

Perhaps that explains the palpitations.

We’re fine, me myself and I. We’re working, too hard. We’re now forcing the overtime issue. We’re exhausted. But we’re fine.

I’m not good with pep talks. I’m Grumpy Grumperson with pep talks. When things seem horrible, they’re horrible. I can’t be told things will get better . . . because better seems quite a ways away and better ain’t happening in this instant. I’m a stubborn ass who isn’t changing moods halfway into one. I apologize big time to those people who try to snap me out of it. Sorry, it just won’t work. (Look back, I said stubborn.)

But, don’t worry, I’ll get over it. I always do. I just need to be a pathetic, pity-party-throwing SOB for a moment . . . or many moments. Sometimes my parties last for days (in my pants).

I’ve had a few too many late walks home over the past few weeks. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking . . . and not a lot of doing. (Have also been doing some car-dodging. There was almost a lack of a Mugwatch around here at 9:03 p.m. on Monday night. And, yes, I totally had the right-of-way . . . for once.) I’ve not figured things out just yet. I’m tired of “figuring things out.” I’m ready to just have them figured out already.

I hate complaining (Riiiiiight, you say. Piss off, I say.) Yet, I seem to be doing an awful lot of it of late. And who needs that? Certainly no one I know. Here’s me, trying to keep my mouth shut for awhile. (Let’s see how long it lasts.)

In other news, I have about two pairs of work pants that fit. Baggy and breezy is my new look for the Fall, whether I like it or not. Hot? Yeah, you could say so. (Oh, snap.)

Thanks for listening. Reading. Rolling your eyes.

Where are my pants?

I really need to get back to work

The Beginning - Part 1

The Beginning - Part 2

The Beginning - Part 3

Truly outrageous

Just shared some fabulous childhood memories with Betsy, over IM . . . because we're terribly busy.

Um, who else remembers this amazing show?

Betsy and I certainly do. And look at the friggin’ Wikipedia on it!

In short: Amazing.

You must read the plot and the bios (more fun than Wiki). Holy depth, Jerrica. Such as (from Wiki):

Pizzazz/Phyllis Gabor (Lead Vocals and Guitarist) — . . . She has been shown to be attracted to both Rio (Jem/Jerrica's paramour) and Sean Harrison (Kimber's off-and-on boyfriend), and grows psychotically angry if rebuffed by either of them.

To quote Betsy: “again, we were NINE.”

It was only on for three years. Can that be right? Three Jemtacular years, if you ask me . . . as you did. I can remember renting the episodes from Blockbuster over and over and over again with the sisters. I'm pretty sure we had lyrics memorized.

I’m totally buying the DVDs . . . and pretending they’re for my niece . . . whenever she comes to visit.

My Bradley.

As this blog is becoming more about me posting tid-bit crap as opposed to anything substantial (as if that actually happened before) here are a couple more movies I can’t wait to see. (Read: Jodie Foster is a badass.)

(Brad: My womb would be many times fruitful.)

Yay, movies!! (Insert clapping here.)

September 7, 2007

Us, professionals?

Interesting . . . and disturbing.

O.K. (Sigh), I'll Join Facebook / BusinessWeek, Jon Fine

This makes me sound like a character in a John Hughes movie getting all angsty over the high school cafeteria seating chart, I suppose, but no one can deny that the world of work is the high school cafeteria all over again. (For the rest of our lives.) At any rate, I hereby make the time commitment to join yet another social network—my fourth—and to commingle whatever of my social spheres I find there. If I don't respond to your friend request, it's only because I (cough) misplaced it around here somewhere.

September 6, 2007

Would you let Viggo hold your hand, Shmooby?

I effing loved A History of Violence and I can't wait to see Cronenberg's new one. This looks awesome. (I love me some tats.)

And I also wouldn't mind having a good squeeze of Viggo's face.

Official Site: Eastern Promises
(I must say, I like the typography. Simple. Classic. Nice site. Big geek.)

September 5, 2007

too busy to stop

I like my Jesus to party.

Dear eight pound, six ounce, newborn infant baby Jesus, I love this movie.

Gooooood morning.